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Sullivan County grad building an airplane by hand

bob and plane pic.jpg

Robert J. Heinrich has a goal and he has been systematically pursuing it on his own for just over a year. Heinrich is a Sullivan County High School graduate and after leaving high school he had a stint in the Navy. While in the Navy, he became a mechanic working on aircraft like the A-6 Intruders and the F-14 Tomcat. These were huge steps from the wooden model planes he had constructed as a kid, however he has utilized all of his training and hopes to pass his test in his own plane.

He intends to build a replica of the F4U-5 and it will be roughly 3/4 of the normal size.  While building his plane, he is using a wooden model's build plans and scaling them up to an actual size that he will one day be able to fly.

This is the process. Stop back to see updates on the build.​

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